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Live at Generator March 17, 1990
5" CDR $15

Generator, the sound gallery, and Generations Unlimited, the record label, welcomed new opportunities for spontaneous artistic expression. Many exceptional artists were attracted to this creative energy. No one played at the Generator for the money. They played for the joy of performing in front of an appreciative audience, and this was never more apparent than the night of March 17, 1990, when Thomas Dimuzio came to New York City to give his first ever solo concert at the Generator.

Thomas had been experimenting with home recording since the early 80's. He sent a tape to my Generations Unlimited partner David Prescott whose show "No Commercial Potential" on WZBC radio in Boston featured many unknown or obscure composers and artists. From this contact Thomas' first cassette release "Delineation of Perspective" (TD-1 on the GU cassette series) was released. Soon after, "Headlock", Thomas' seminal LP was also published by Generations Unlimited. Excited by these recordings, I invited Thomas to come to New York City for his debut solo concert. It was impossible to tell from his recordings how he was making all that sound so I was very intrigued to hear him play live. He arrived with enough equipment to half fill the space and his enthusiasm and energy filled up the remaining space. Thomas created intense walls of shifting sonic architecture with strong yet subtle dynamics. This live recordingdemonstrates the fluid sonic capabilities and total enthusiasm for which Thomas Dimuzio has since earned a reputation as a live performer.

--Gen Ken, June 2001

Since relocating from Boston to San Francisco in 1996, Dimuzio has become a fixture in the San Francisco Noise scene, performing regularly with an ever-evolving array of live electronics. Morphing the tools of the studio into a live musical instrument, Dimuzio's improvised performances unleash a raw sonic power into a real-time compositional domain typically associated with multi-tracked studio production. His releases, Markoff Process, Quake, Preacher In Naked Chase Guilty,and Hzdocument a wide variety of his solo and collaborative performances. As a collaborator, he has contributed to numerous artists and ensembles, such as 5uu's, Chris Cutler, C.W. Vrtacek, Tom Cora, Fred Frith, Dan Burke, Due Process and Paul Haslinger, and has toured North America and Europe as a solo act. His solo CD releases include 1997's double CD Sonicism,the recently remastered and reissued HEADLOCK,early cassette works compiled on Louden,and Markoff Process,from 1994.

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