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Live at Generator September 2, 1989
5" CDR $12

Clear the runway! I knew something special was coming when the fax from Sweden announced Zbigniew Karkowski as the "fastest and the loudest composer in the universe". But Zbigniew was such a quiet guy. We found out he studied with Iannis Xenakis (among others), composed music for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Goeteborg, played in a hardcore band and was just releasing a dance record. This concert was his first and only live performance in America (although he was heard on several radio shows).

We were treated to a tremendous aural experience at the Generator. Within thirty seconds the room cleared out except for six or seven people who had excited expressions on their faces. Others were listening from outside the door, and I later learned from down the street and around the corner. The multi-layered sounds were far more than only loud. They were sonically dense layers of rapidly modulating frequencies blasting from 10 speakers in the room. These sounds caused a certain ringing in the ears that lasted long after the sudden ending of the piece. And he seemed like such a quiet guy! It was really invigorating.


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