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The Exotic Trilogy Vol II
5" CDR $15

This recording represents the results of countless hours of research and development by the KB Zed, an international group of Ersatzkunstlers. During the past 2 years, since the release of the Vol. I CD, KB Zed has been feverishly working to compile this selection of musical jems. Our collection of the three songs forming the Exotic Trilogy is estimated to be approaching 200 individual cover versions (we have been unable to make an exact count because we are always misplacing or misfiling important copies, only to find them at odd times fallen behind furniture or filed in unlikely storage bins). The research team listened meticulously to each track in various combinations with other tracks for months to determine the appropriate assemblage for this recording. Our decisions were based on opaqueness, irritainment potential, rarity, continuity factors and, of course, listening pleasure. The KB Zed thought it would be helpful to you, the listener, to show some examples of the research teams most important findings. We hope the accompanying charts will demonstrate our dedication to intensive and thorough analysis in selecting the music you are about to hear. Because of this extensive research, KB Zed feels confident in offering an official "Guarantee of Satisfaction" Certificate (contained in the sleeve of each album) to the purchaser. KB Zed researchers are already working on Volumes III, IV, V, VI, & VII. So if you enjoy Volumes I & II, thereís more to come.

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