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4-3"CDRs $25

Gen Ken Montgomery presents a piece of multiple dimensions. Play all 4 CD's simultaneously. The sound source for each of the 4 programs was created by typing random numbers representing acoustic specifications into a FM synthesis module for the computer. The resulting 1 or 2 seconds of sound was offset by random numbers into another channel and repeated for 17 minutes. This 17 minute 2 track loop was overlapped in the studio 4 times to create 8 channels of sound. Each of the 8 tracks were processed slowly during their 17 minute length. They were then recombined into one stereo track. This was done 4 times to create 4 stereo programs. When these 4 programs are played back and mixed into a stereo recording the resulting sound is a noisy mess. However, by isolating the 4 programs and playing each through discrete sound systems, an interesting listening experience unfolds. For optimal listening enjoyment place yourself in the middle of the 8 speakers. DRONESKIPCLICKLOOP was created in 1997 for the Generator Sound Theater.

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