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6-pack with interludes (snare-drum)
5" CDR $15

Instructions for making a 6-pack

1 Turn on all of the radios that you have. Turn on the stereo in your livingroom, the alarm clock in your bedroom, the kitchen radio etc. Park your car in front of your door, turn on its radio and open the windows. Select one radio-station and tune all of the radios radios to it.

2 Take a walk in your apartment. Go to your front door where the car is. Visit your neighbors - ask them to tune in their radios to the same station. Walk through the whole house from one room to the other, listening to the radios. Change your walking mode - walk slowly, run fast, go criss-cross, stand still occasionally and listen.

3 Change the frequency of all the radios. Check out a new station or turn the station a little out of tune or play white noise between the stations. Then repeat instruction #2.

Interludes (with snare-drum)

In 1973 Billy Cobham released his first solo-album "Spectrum". Between the songs Cobham played short drum solos. Since that time Billy Cobham's music hasn't interested me anymore."

Heinz Weber

Heinz Weber, is a German sound artist living in Hamburg. He was educated in linguistics, fine arts, and musicology in Marburg, Hamburg and Berlin. Since 1985, his artistic work has included the creation of sound installations, tape compositions, sound sculptures, improvised music, multi-media performances, and sound design for cinema, theatre and dance. He has also conducted workshops on experimental strategies for audio art. In 1990 he co-founded SPRITZENHAUS, a center for acoustic art in Hamburg, where he coordinates performances, exhibitions, public outreach, and artist-in-residence programs, in collaboration with the Hamburg Cultural Department.

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