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Sounds of Failure

5" CDR $15

Documents a precarious sound installation that could be found in an unlikely place-an empty store in a hipster minimall- during the Spring of 2000 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

"upon entering the dimly lit room, the visitor heard fragments of speech, shards of music, static, and hum. The sounds came from more than a dozen cylindrical cardboard speakers that hung from different parts of the ceiling...there were no glowing computer screens in sleek CD-playing pods. There were 8-track tapes and players feeding the sounds into the speakers through a batch of cords and a crazy amplifier...The room was lit by a single bulb, sitting under an overturned milk crate, that would cast grid-like patterns onto the walls. The dull light let you see everything: the cords, the players, the wallpaper patterns that covered the cheap tube speakers...."

Directart Productions Ltd.

Founded in a blaze of activity in the sweaty, over-heated early 1980's, Directart Ltd. was begun as a multi-disciplinary arts & music organization. It continues today as a creative outlet for the collaborative efforts of Lary Seven and Fabio Roberti. Producing films, videos, records, CDs, art and sound installations, Directart provides a solid financial base for the kinds of artistic endeavors Lary & Fabio could not otherwise produce, (and that are so difficult to support in today's corporate-befouled arts environment). Future projects include new sound installations, analog audio releases, videos, and other surprises.

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