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5" CDR $15

For the past 61 years, the United States NAVY has made the tiny inhabited island of Vieques (Puerto Rico), ground zero for their military exercises. Studies made by Puertorican environmental organizations have determined that the naval forces have used everything from Uranium to the dreaded Agent Orange in their live ammunition, therefore poisoning all life at sea, which Viequenses, who are mostly fishermen, use to feed their families and sell to the mainland.

The deafening noise waves made by these "exercises", have caused many Vieques residents to develop an illness known as "Vibro-Acustica", which affects the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as the person's behaviour. It is aquired after several years of exposure to loud noises.

This record is a direct reaction to the arrogance of military leaders and the US government, plus it is a show of support for those who are fighting, non-violently, to finally get the NAVY out of the island of Vieques.

The recording itself consists of analog synth manipulations, digital processing and location recordings of the coasts of Puerto Rico, as well as the manipulated voice of a domestic amphibian known as the "Coqui", which grows only on the island.

"Vibro-Acustica" is yet another different side of the Cornucopia sound. This time showcasing a curiosity for "microscopic" sounds, along with the usual interlocking-loop-technique.

Jorge Castro | 5.24.01

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