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Generator releases are on high quality CDR Media unless otherwise indicated and are produced with professional equipment.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Generator, please contact us.

Distribution inquires can be answered via email (

Since we are not operating as a conventional label, but as a resource for dedicated sound artists, we are not interested in simply releasing and distributing CD's. We are looking for artists who not only present a unique and challenging project, but who will actively work with us in the development and production of the project as they envision it.

Ideas, materials, and an actual hand in packaging & production are all strongly encouraged.

Proposals do not need to be formal, but do need to address these issues:

  • Projects that are well defined and unique
  • Sonically (or conceptually) strong and exciting material
  • Presentation/packaging ideas specific to the proposed project
  • A rough estimate in material or studio costs (if known)
  • Your involvement towards the realisation of the project

Generator Sound Art CD projects receive a stipend of $100, 10 copies, and 20% of all project sales (paid annually).

We also award grants to dedicated artists, be it to aid in development or presentation of a project, or to help in times of need.

New projects are released annually on June 1st. We encourage artists to submit materials at any time for our review.

We do NOT consider e-mail outlines that require our review of websites and MP3 files--we expect the artist making the proposal to demonstrate some effort by sending us solid material samples and package ideas. While we do not require a "formal" outline, a solid letter/bio with supporting materials in hand gives us a much better idea of where you are coming from to properly consider your project.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope to hear something exciting from you...

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